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About us

        Suzhou Huqiang Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Building 8, ChuangJin Industrial Park, Changshu City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. Our company is a set of automation non-standard equipment planning - Design - It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production, sales and service.
        Our industry services include: auto parts production and assembly, household appliances production and assembly, electronic products production and assembly, food production and transportation, logistics express sorting Transportation, transportation, transportation, chemical production and other industries.

Core selling points
01Core product positioning

15 years of strength, automation quality, adhere to the mission of helping the factory to achieve intelligent manufacturing, R & D, production, sales integration layout

02Differentiated positioning

After sales quick response, online quality feedback; production process optimization design; equipment performance optimization adjustment; intelligent equipment set up; put into use, auxiliary training.

03Positioning of profit model

We only focus on R & D and design of factory automation production line, intelligent vertical manufacturer, manufacturer, non-standard customization, supporting processing, whole contract industry resources and providing customer solutions. From the arrival of raw materials - processing and manufacturing of raw materials - sheet metal processing - welding processing - grinding and dust removal - surface spray treatment - packaging and delivery - on-site installation and debugging - until the acceptance is qualified - and finally after-sales service.

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